Anti gay Pastors disagreed on the legislation “to kill the gays”

29 Apr



The Honorable Speaker of Parliament

The Republic of Uganda,


C.c: Hon Stephen Tashobya, Chairman, Committee on Legal & Parliamentary Affairs

C.c: Members of Parliament

C.c: All leaders

Ref: The Anti Homosexuality Bill, 2009 offers no solution to the homosexuality challenge: clean up the systems; for that is the best Christmas gift you can ever give to Ugandans

Thanks for your continued contributions toward nation-building, especially your public standagainst homosexuality and sexual abuses in Uganda, evidenced by your consideration of the 2009 anti-homosexuality Bill in line of your desire that this country must be a better one to live in.

I refer to our Report And Petition On Homosexuality In Uganda to you dated September 30th2009 in which we highlighted the homosexuality problem and showed need for an inquiry, andthe petition against the Anti-homosexuality Bill 2009, dated 7/7/2010, both acknowledged received but seem to have been totally ignored; and the now very populist, opportunistic, reactionary and hypocritical push by religious leaders that Parliament proceeds fast to pass the bill, riding on the popular demand by the masses that homosexuality is curtailed.

It needs to be clearly understood that the basis of our anti-homosexuality initiatives since 2006 which culminated into formation of the NCAHSAU in October 2008 to sensitize the public about the challenge and dangers of homosexuality and sexual abuses, and the now hurried populist, opportunistic and hypocritical bill ‘against’ homosexuality which is before Parliament, was the health and emotional plights of victims and their failure to access justice and redress, and thefact that many youths (both sexes) are forced or lured into it in schools, churches and local communities.

Sadly, the Uganda Police CID, in effort to cover up their dirty role in the Pr Robert Kayanja sodomy saga has continued to work hard to portray the awareness campaign as baseless, heresies and frame-ups intended to tarnish people’s reputations without due consideration that many victims exist in religious entities, schools, work places, homes and other communities. And for that reason, some of us were framed, falsely accused of conspiring to tarnish Pr Robert Kayanja’s reputation and trade, denied opportunity to defend ourselves and wrongly convicted just because we dared to receive, counsel and refer to Police young men who accused him of sodomizing them.We have witnessed not only corruption but abuse of the systems: Police, DPP and courts of law,of the highest order.

Therefore, though we commend Parliament for determining Uganda’s legal paths and fully support all efforts toward enacting good, relevant, fair and applicable laws, we feel all diligenceshould be taken to ensure just that by not hurrying to enact populist laws that can end up hurting good causes.

As you may well remember, in 2009 as the nationwide campaign against homosexuality and sexual abuses in Uganda launched in October 2008 progressed, Hon David Bahati and his team came up with the anti-homosexuality Bill 2009. Though it may have been well-intentioned, we feel that it will not achieve what many Ugandans think it will achieve; is a waste of precious time, financial and other resources that should have been applied more productively elsewhere.


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