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29 Apr






Compiled by


Moses Solomon Male

– Pr / Evangelist / Executive Director, Arising For Christ

– Publicity Secretary, National Committee on False Teaching Awareness

– National Coalition Against Homosexuality & Sexual Abuses in Uganda

Tel 0772479386 /




The homosexual (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) movement has taken a foothold in Ugandan society. Many respectable, well positioned, educated, highly connected and well-to-do personalities across spiritual, social, political and other divides are involved and busy luring or compelling others, both young and adults into its ranks during their times of desperate need.

Most greatly targeted are the youth who are easily lured by promises ranging from gifts, money and visas to travel abroad, educational sponsorships and career promotions, with others compelled by problems and challenges.

 The perpetrators are persons who the youth hold in high esteem and respect such as their benefactors, teachers, spiritual leaders, employers and others who use their positions to unduly influence, coerce, abuse, intimidate and silence them, or use their connections to harass, torture and victimize their victims further.

Indulgence, abuse and recruitment is going on, with networking cells proliferating in prisons, local communities (bars, night clubs, film halls and villages), schools, universities and other institutions of learning, in religious entities and employment circles. There is hardly a community that is not targeted.

Despite many bleeding hearts as a result of indulgence, a culture of denial and silence has evolved wherever homosexuality exists that the public has been hoodwinked into believing that homosexuality has not yet become a major social issue in Uganda.

This report follows our experience in the sustained campaign against homosexuality: victims’ risky and vain pursuit for justice and redress, and our nasty and torturous experience with Police in our attempts to ensure that victims get justice and redress, and those already recruited quit the practice and that others, especially the young generation (children and youth) don’t fall prey.

It is based on evidence diligently gathered over time in our fervent efforts to counter the homosexuality challenge which, unfortunately Police CID, in their fervent effort to clear Pr Robert Kayanja, chose to ignore for reasons best known to them, with corruption not ruled out after all, when our campaign intensified and young men started surfacing accusing him of sodomy, he renovated the Old Kampala Police station toilets with full media coverage and publicity.

It shows how Police frustrates justice and good causes, kills cases, abuses human rights and deliberately promotes mob-justice.

It also shows that the Kayanja sodomy saga is just a small part of the bigger and complex homosexualityinvasion that has been secretly eating up the core and fiber of our nation; with many people aware of it just silent or covering it up.

It is intended to re-state our position that the sodomy challenge is so big and should be a matter of concern to all right thinking people in Uganda no matter the religious, social, political, career, age, educational and other divides; and that everything possible must be done to fight for the rights of the oppressed and voiceless and ensure justice, redress and healing to their lives.

It has 15 pages of reports, narrative and analysis, and 91 pages of annextures (supporting evidence) intended to enable you internalize the gravity of the situation and the need for an independent inquiry into homosexuality, sexual abuses and rapes, coupled with Police misconducts when victims attempt to seek justice going on unabated.


May the Lord God guide and give you wisdom as you peruse it.


National Coalition Against Homosexuality & Sexual Abuses in Uganda





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