Press Complaints Commission; how to report on transgender issues

28 May
Making a complaint
Code of Practice Information
Code Advice
PCC to issue new editorial guidance on transgender issues 

The Commission has recently discussed the issues raised by the reporting of Lucy Meadows. After careful consideration it has decided to issue editorial guidance for journalists on how to report on transgender issues in accordance with the letter and spirit of the Editors’ Code of Practice.

The PCC will now consult with representatives of the trans community to ensure that the guidance is accurate and takes account of as many perspectives as possible. It also welcomes input from interested members of the public who may wish to share views on terminology, for example. It is particularly interested to hear from people who have been the subject of media coverage, or have other relevant experience to share with the PCC. Please email comments to


Notes to editors: 

1. The PCC has issued a range of guidance notes for editors, which are intended to provide assistance on various aspects of the Editors’ Code of Practice. These are available on the PCC website at

2. For further information, please contact Jonathan Collett 7438 1246 or 07740 896805.




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