PLP: Pettingill should apologise to Christians for ‘hateful’ comments

20 Jun

By Ayo Johnson

  • Attorney General Mark Pettingill

The PLP has demanded an apology from Attorney General Mark Pettingill for “offensive and hateful” comments made towards the Christian community.

During the House of Assembly debate on changes to the Human Rights Act on Friday, Mr Pettingill said the Bible contained “scary stuff” and described those who opposed the sexual orientation amendment on religious grounds as “Kool Aid” drinkers.

He also said that he was hoping that the law change would encourage gay people who have left Bermuda to return and that for every one coming home, a “homophobe” should leave.

“The offensive and hateful comments by Attorney General Mark Pettingill directed towards the Christian community serve only to further polarise Bermudians,” said Shadow Community Minister Michael Weeks.

“The Attorney General’s statement that Bermudians who disagree with him and his party’s stance should ‘flee Bermuda’ shows an unprecedented level of intolerance and portrays his party as being uninterested in building a diverse and inclusive Bermuda.

“In his role as Attorney General, Mr Pettingill has a duty to respect and display tolerance for all Bermudians, including those whose religious beliefs and political or social opinions differ from his own. The fundamental freedoms on which our society are based include not only the freedom to follow one’s conscience, but also freedom of religion and freedom of association. By his words, the AG has trampled on these fundamental freedoms and disrespected the beliefs of countless Bermudians. This is unacceptable.

“As a person of faith, the Premier must share the feelings of outrage and disappointment felt by people who have been offended by these vitriolic comments. We hope that he will move swiftly, exercise his authority and encourage his Minister to apologize to the people of Bermuda.”


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