Plea for Jamaican LGBT rights now that ‘gay cure’ lie is past

23 Jun

Change is not possible!


Jamaican LGBT activist Angeline Jackson contributed this commentary about Exodus International and Jamaica’s anti-gay movement.  Jackson is convenor of Quality of Citizenship Jamaica , which works with both young and aging lesbians, bisexuals, and other women who have sex with women. Editing is by Hilaire Sobers and Colin Stewart.

For almost 40 years Exodus International lied about sexual orientation and promoted those lies throughout the world, with many people buying into it.  On Wednesday June 19, Exodus International announced its closure, bringing an end to its campaign of lies.

The claim of Exodus International was that “Change is Possible” through conversion therapy. However, in January 2012, then-president of Exodus International Allan Chambers conceded that “…99.9% of [the gay people engaged in such therapy] have not experienced a change in their orientation”.

In Jamaica we’ve had at the very least two instances of this religiously motivated pseudo-science called ex-gay therapy. One…

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