An email post by Hern Edward Mulindwa from Uganda At Heart email posting

2 Jul

Herrn Edward Mulindwa” <> wrote:


Many times I raise some of these issues and they return to me being classified as an anti-Buganda/Baganda, but there are issues that I fail to understand how long we will hold on them in secrecy. Child scarification debate was turned against me as so was witch craft. On seeing Utubes from many cities that held Gay Lesbians parade yesterday,  and this Utube from London/UK one of them, on all Ugandans I saw in our own parade in Toronto, how long are we as Baganda going to deny that we are Gays and Lesbians? Just how long are we going to pacify that issue and sit in a straw of stupidity that being a gay or a lesbian is a crime and must be punished by death? And we build society in such a manner that being a Gay or a Lesbian is the worst thing that can ever happen to society yet we as directly Baganda feed on it.

And let me opine on that before I am sacrificed. Whenever a Gay parade is carried into Toronto the only people I have seen for many many years are Baganda. In fact this parade we had yesterday even Kanzus started to walk on Church Bloor Sherbourne Streets with a huge Uganda flag way up. Now this Utube is from the London parade and the participants are again Baganda. Sydney Australia I have just got reports of how Baganda went on streets in joy. Why do we have that minion complex about gays as Baganda when we are into it from get go? I have attended these parades many times, but I have not seen an Acholi group nor a Langi group neither a Munyankole group but Baganda always. When you think way hard,  when we were going to school, many people in Nakasero that were Baganda were actually buying boys but the kids were ashamed to talk about it. When NRA closed off Northern Uganda, all reports indicate that Baganda soldiers actually built the stay in The North for they got men to screw. Many men in Luwero were screwed by force yet Banyankoles hated it, kindly explain that. May be we need to cut down on the stupidity and simply agree that a good number of Baganda are actually Gays and Lesbians !!!!!! May be Baganda love the ass?  Just a may be.

Why is that too complex for all of us to accept and we move on with our very pathetic.

Edward Mulindwa is a Ugandan in diaspora.

Since you always boast of being a critical thinker, why don’t you approach the Baganda gay issue systematically?  Say, like you claim to be a regular attendee of such parades, consider interviewing the participants, who they are ,where they are coming from and what motivates them.  Because to me when someone is adoned in  tunic (kanzu) it does not necessarily make him a Muganda.  BTW has it ever crossed your critical mind that actually gays are engaged in an all out organized campaign to make a case for what they perceive as their civil rights?  They will do anything to mobilize and sponsor their sympasizers wherever they may be in order to take advantage of the situation.  So please stop generalizing by saying “we” just compile the data and make your case credible – Mr. critical thinker with a small “c.”
Paul Mugerwa

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