Uganda: Pastors bitter over ” homosexuality” in church

4 Jul

Pastor Moses Sekatawa is Senior Pastor at Christ Reigns Worship Centre. in Uganda. I wrote to guide him regarding his previous comment as quoted in my note here.

Pr. Sekatawa,
You wrote;
“I have a problem believing the servants of God can be homosexuals because it would mean they have broken all the ten commandments and are struggling to find an eleventh one.  It would rank them lower than pigs since the act is absent in the animal kingdom.  God forbid!”
I guess you ain’t right Pastor they (servants of God) can be and  very many are gays. You might end up splitting the so called body of Christ.. Please read some postings on this blog;
Hello Mr. Peterson S. Sendi.

Thanks for your response.

It is impossible for a servant of God to be gay.  Priests are those who stand before God to intercede for people.  How can one stand before God while dressed up in all the abominations?

By the time a man is gay, he would be light years away from the presence of God.  It would mean he has graduated from the ten commandments and he is struggling to find an eleventh one beyond the known parameters of temptation.  That person would be able to murder and do all sorts of things.

I obviously do not claim to know all things.  It might be in the realm of my unknown.  So I am eager to learn.
God bless you.

Pastor Moses Solomon Male is the Executive Director of Arising For Christ, Christian organization fighting for the sanctity of Christ and fake servants of God in Uganda.

Dear Pastor Male.

Peace and grace in Christ.

I have been following your communication for some time and now I am at crossroads trying to figure out where to place you.

Any responsible person can only place your e-mails in one of the following categories:

1. LIAR.



1. LIAR.

In case you are a liar, obviously for reasons best known to you, I request you to desist from that hell-conceived mission because it has earthly and eternal ramifications.  The Bible warns us against touching God’s anointed servants.  There is wisdom in remembering that we will all stand before the JUST and HOLY God to give an account of the words we speak.


In case you are a lunatic, the responsibility then would shift from you to us as members of the body of Christ to ensure medical help is sought urgently because the damage you are likely to cause is limitless (both to yourself and to others).  The danger is that many unsuspecting brethren would believe you to the shame of the body of Christ.  There might be need for you to seek medical help.


In case you are speaking the truth, It would be very alarming and a call for repentance on the part of the accused and those of us who have never believed your story.  Nevertheless, you have to convince some of us beyond reasonable doubt that you are speaking the truth. I have a problem believing the servants of God can be homosexuals because it would mean they have broken all the ten commandments and are struggling to find an eleventh one.  It would rank them lower than pigs since the act is absent in the animal kingdom.  God forbid!

However, like I said before.  I pray that TRUTH and MERCY will be at the centre of this debate.  Let’s respect one another as we continue to agree and disagree over this sensitive topic.

In Christ,

Moses Sekatawa.

On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 9:28 PM, Moses solomon male <> wrote:

Dear friends, pastors, prophets, presiding apostles, apostles, bishops, archbishops, generals of God, etc whatever your titles are.
You received my mail on Pr Robert Kayanja sodomy 3 days ago. I gave you 7 days to put the house in order, set up an inquiry to dig into the depth of the Pr Kayanja sodomy accusations and faked up kidnaps in his camp.
From indications however, I have not received any message indicating committing commitment to investigate the man whom most of you revere more than you revere God. I wonder if he is a god to you too as individuals.
Last time most of you falsely accused us (me, Pr Ssempa, Pr Kyazze, Pr Kaira, Sr Deborah and David) of  taking Pr Robert Kayanja to Police and courts even when it was plain that it is him who dragged us to Police and courts because we dared recieve young men who were accusing him of sodomizing them (okubaggula buutu, okubavuga empanka).
Now you have opportunity to deal with the problem of Pr Kayanja sodomy and you are not moving an inch: what sort of leaders are you????????????????????????????????.
Anyway, you have 4 more days to set up the inquiry to which I am more than ready to present evidence: short of that, blame me not because it is you who will have, as always betrayed the Body of Christ. You discuss trivial issues but when big issues arise, your heads get burried in the sand and you get tight lipped.
I re-iterate, countdown is 4 days to go. If you dont act, please dont blame me for unilateral action to expose the rot: blame yourselves for cowardice and hypocrisy. Bwiino is on the way.
Dont forget about the victimized in prison. They need legal representation and money for the bail.
Peace and blessings.
Pr Moses Solomon Male
Voice for the voiceless.

One Response to “Uganda: Pastors bitter over ” homosexuality” in church”

  1. Apuuli July 4, 2013 at 5:44 pm #

    Dear Mr Sekatawa,

    I can assure you that of your three options, the correct answer is #3 – Truth. And while there is abundant evidence demonstrating that homosexual is not only natural and not a choice but also found throughout the animal kingdom – from flies to penguins to dolphins to chimpanzees (and even in Uganda kob) – I am certain that there is no amount of evidence that can be provided to give you the “beyond a reasonable doubt” proof that you request.

    So I wish to extend the same challenge to you. If you can provide evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that God exists, I will happily supply all the evidence that you need to demonstrate the truth about homosexuality that you seem so intent on denying.

    Thank you
    John Ahrens

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