Uganda Gay Pastors witch-hunt – Direct Letters

6 Jul

Dear readers, the letters and comments published on my blog were made PUBLIC by their authors.


Pastor Moses Solomon Male, Arising For Christ

From Pastor Moses solomon male 

Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 11:27 PM

Friends,Peace and blessings.I think time is now to stop burying heads like ostriches in the sand, pretending as if nothing horrible is happening.

If you have been following press reports, Pr Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Center is on the spot again for sodomy. Unfortunately, his accusers, 22 yr old Moses Muwanguzi and his helper, 37 yr old Ibrahim Nsubuga have been accused of attempting to extort U Shs 650m (US $ 250,000) from him, taken to court for alleged bribery and are now in Luzira cells just like many of Kayanja’s victims and accusers like Ntwatwa, Mukisa, Matovu and others have already been.and I, Ssempa, Kyazze, Kaira, Deborah and victim Mukalazi would have gone had we failed to raise the fine and do the Community Service, just because the so called leaders timidly chose to burry heads in the sand and monitor from a distance, hiding in prayers against homosexuality.

See stories: Saturday Vision 29 June 2013: Kayanja accusers denied bail, and The Kampala Sun 21 – 27 June 2013 story, Pastor Kayanja in Shs 650m Blackmail.

Why is it always Pr Kayanja accused of sodomy? Why does he always claim frame-ups? I hope his sychophants will have opportunity to be objective this time.

It is time for all those who have been vocal on this forum to be proactive, call Pr Robert Kayanja to order to explain why it is always him accused of sodomy though he covers himself by using the Police, DPP and courts to frame, arrest and torment his victims and Good Samaritans.

Let us move from 1989 when the Limit X, after leaving Uganda, exposed Pr Robert Kayanja’s indulgence in sodomy secrets.

Next is about 1993, just after Kayanja’s wedding when Pr Kaloli Nsubuga Komando, Pr Apollo Kabaale, Pr Godfrey Mukasa, Fiona Mukasa, Pr Godfrey Kamese, Pr Tumwiine and others left because of sodomy.

Let us go to 1997 when boxer Ivan Kizza sought to sue him through one very prominent Born Again Kampala City lawyer, the monetary settlement Kayanja made through Pr Isaac Kyoobe Kiweewesi against who a trail of sodomy accusations also exist.

Then we go to 2008-9 when 6 young men: David Mukalazi, Ntwatwa Brian, Ivan Akansiima, Mukisa Samson, Matovu Robson, Herbert Tumukunde and others accused him of sodomy.

Dont forget our nasty experience just because we decided to stand and help young men who came accusinhim of sodomy.

By the way, dont forget Mugisha Mondo’s role in defending him yet boxing Dr Handle Lesley for touching his bums.

I hope you are aware that most of the young men who gave evidence to cover him up have already retracted what they said in court and now say, he sodomized them and they live in pain.

On 3 Oct 2012, I, Pr Ssempa, Pr Kyazze, Pr Kaira, Sr Deborah Kyomuhendo and David Mukalazi were convicted after being denied opportunity to defend ourselves and prove that Pr Kayanja the man actually indulges in sodomy. It hurt me so much to be framed, harrased and convicted using and abusing the systems.

Barely 8 months down the road, Pr Robert Kayanja is again accused of sodomy by his former employees. Can it be mere accusations just months after Chris Mubiru who denied sodomy since 2004 and Fr Musaala who denied it in 2009, yet in October 2012, Chris sodomy came to light and in March 2013, Fr Musaala admitted indulgence in sodomy, blaming it on Institutionalized celibacy which he admitted is impossible since they dont want the impotent?

My call is, opportunity is now available for the Born Again fraternity to solve the sodomy problem plaguing the church once and for all. Set up and inquiry since Government has failed and its systems: Police, DPP and Judiciary simply serve interests of perpetrators. I will bring all the evidence I have. If you refuse, please dont blame me for going public and releasing it for the puvlic to judge. But it will be a great shame when I release it not only for Kayanja, but for those who have always known that he has a disease called indulgence in sodomy but simply timidly chose to keep quiet.

I have given you all one week to think about what can be done and set up the inquiry.

I feel I can no longer continue with silence and hypocrisy of fake ‘praise the Lord’ or ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ when we know that amongst us, some are destroying young men’s anuses and destroying young women’s innocence.

As I wait for your response, I also appeal to you all to arise and come to the rescue of Moses Muwanguzi and his colleague Nsubuga. They need legal representation, bail money, counselling and all other support. God called me to advocate for the voiceless and I have now started for Muwanguzi. If Kayanja wants, let him dare sue me too. But I cant let him continue with his impunity as if Uganda is his and he is a god.

Please Pr Kyazze, Pr Ssempa, Pr Kaira, Deborah and David: time to arise again. Please dont give up because of what we went through.

Please Presiding Apostle Serwadda, ArchBishop Lwere, Apostle Bunjo, Prof Kayiwa, Pr Sekatawa, Pr Mpawulo and all of you on this forum, wake up – wake up to the sound of the trumpet: there is need for action not mere prayers or casting the demon of homosexuality at the end of year.

On 21 June 2013 I counselled a 9 year old P4 boy, son to a pastor who learnt sodomy at the age of 7.5 years and was expelled from school on 20 June 2013 when he had sodomized 3 P5 pupils. I have also counselled the pastor and his wife. Prior to that, they just could believe that sodomy was a reality.

Friends, you are quiet and doing nothing about sodomy pastors because they havent yet sodomized your children. Do you want  arise when sodomy is already in your homes and you come to me for counselling wadde many of you dislike me because of my openness? If not, then do something and now. We need action not empty prayers. If empty prayers were suffoicient, none would be accusing Pr Kayanja of sodomizing him today. His gimmicks of framing, arresting and detaining dont help him because they never answer the question why it is him accused of sodomy, sodomy, sodomy.

I have said, if you doint act, I am going to start releasing information from my archives and none will stop me, not even frame ups will. If you are not yet fed up of sodomy in church, I am because from church homes and schools have been infected.

Peace and blessings.

Pr Moses Solomon Male

0772479386 / 0702196511

Response 1

Gerard Iga 

Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 5:51 PM

And our self-styled apostles will look the other way again. I observed
those court sessions where the pastors were accused of maligning Pr
Kayanja and honestly the final verdict looked more like a slap on the
hand by the court saying, “Touch not God’s annointed!” Indeed Pr
Male,how long till we’re rid of this scourge of leaders who sit and
watch,Hunger Games style,as the lambs of the flock are decimated?!How long?ends.

Pastor Moses Sekatawa, Senior Pastor at Christ Reigns Worship Centre – Uganda

Pastor Moses Nsubuga Sekatawa

Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 12:05 PM

To: Moses solomon male
Dear Pastor Male.Peace and grace in Christ.I have been following your communication for some time and now I am at crossroads trying to figure out where to place you.

Any responsible person can only place your e-mails in one of the following categories:

1. LIAR.



1. LIAR.

In case you are a liar, obviously for reasons best known to you, I request you to desist from that hell-conceived mission because it has earthly and eternal ramifications.  The Bible warns us against touching God’s anointed servants.  There is wisdom in remembering that we will all stand before the JUST and HOLY God to give an account of the words we speak.


In case you are a lunatic, the responsibility then would shift from you to us as members of the body of Christ to ensure medical help is sought urgently because the damage you are likely to cause is limitless (both to yourself and to others).  The danger is that many unsuspecting brethren would believe you to the shame of the body of Christ.  There might be need for you to seek medical help.


In case you are speaking the truth, It would be very alarming and a call for repentance on the part of the accused and those of us who have never believed your story.  Nevertheless, you have to convince some of us beyond reasonable doubt that you are speaking the truth. I have a problem believing the servants of God can be homosexuals because it would mean they have broken all the ten commandments and are struggling to find an eleventh one.  It would rank them lower than pigs since the act is absent in the animal kingdom.  God forbid!

However, like I said before.  I pray that TRUTH and MERCY will be at the centre of this debate.  Let’s respect one another as we continue to agree and disagree over this sensitive topic.

In Christ,

Moses Sekatawa.


Dear Pr Sekatawa,

Thanks for your response. However, since my ultimatum is not yet past, my response will not be detailed, but right on the spot with your three assertions:

I treasure integrity and cannot turn out to lie. Legally, I know what it means to tarnish someone’s reputation. Remember on Oct 3rd 2012, I and my colleagues Pr Sempa, Pr Kyazze, Pr Kaira, Sr Deborah and David Mukalazi were wrongly convicted just because your so called anointed had not only compromised the Police by renovating Old Kampala Police Station toilets, he had also used and abused the Police CID, DPP and judiciary to harass us.

Having gone through such trauma, prudence dictates that had I been lying, I would have simply chosen to desist from such.

But why do I speak again? It is because I am convinced that Pr Robert Kayanja whom many in the

There you are. Just believe me. Set up an inquiry and you will see.

I gain nothing by lying. I gain a lot by honesty and I will never shift my goal posts from integrity.

God’s servants cannot be homosexuals, but religious merchants can be.

Religious merchants are what many so called greatly anointed churchmen and women are, and can do anything including indulgence in homosexuality, fraud, charlatanism, sexual abuse and exploitation, wine trafficking, money laundering, false prophecies, spouse snatching, lotteries in would be sacred places, etc and to crown it all; create around themselves rings of trained gunmen and security operatives, martial arts trained stoutly built bouncers (kanyamas) for personal protection to qualify themselves for mafia disguising themselves as holy men and women of God.

By the way, why should I bite my tongue trying to convince you of what I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Believe me or not. At least I have told you.

It is now 3 days to go. Set up an inquiry or don’t and blame me not as I lift the lid off ……..

I cannot allow religious mafia and cowards in Uganda’s leadership to dominate the body of Christ.

Finally, your call should have been a call for real action to put right what has gone wrong.

Again, thanks for writing.

Peace and blessings.

Pr Moses Solomon Male

Dear Pastor Male.

Thanks for your response.

I now believe you cannot be a lunatic.  No lunatic is as articulate as you.  My only dilemma remains with the other two:

1. Either you LYING.

2. Or you are speaking the TRUTH.

If you are lying, I believe you know the earthly and eternal consequences so well.  It would be terrible for you to masquerade as a revivalist when in real sense you are an undertaker of the Church.  I still insist that if you are telling lies please desist from your diabolic program and repent.

If you are telling the truth, then it is a great shame to us as the body of Christ and we need to repent.  We would need to repent to God, the body of Christ, society and to you for the wounds we have caused you.  God has not called us to be sophisticated sinners but simply saints.

I and perhaps many on this forum look forward to what you have to say in the next few days and to a final logical conclusion of this matter.

In Christ,

Pastor Moses Sekatawa.


From: sunday kimbowa
Date: July 6, 2013, 12:13:30 AM GMT+03:00
To: moses male

Subject: Moses Solomon Males allegations against the body of Christ

Moses Male

Tell us which Church you got saved from?

who is your pastor or spiritual father?

who is your spiritual mentor?

the date you got saved?

who prayed for you into salvation if any?

who prayed for you to be filled with the holyghost?, incase you are filled.

which church do you presently go to?

under which born again ambrella are you? if any

who ordained you as a pastor? or into ministry

which church are you pastoring? and the location

if you kindly and properly answer those few questions for me, may be i will try to pay some attention to you. otherwise it doesnt matter what data you are gonna give us, some of us will never take you serious, we shall read it and leave it there. infact we think you are a psycho/ psychopath, somebody with a mental disorder and lack of remorse, who is badly in need of a psychiatric doctor.

Moses Males mission is to tarnish/fail/cripple/kill and destroy the Born Again Church
I happen to have some small background on you from some schools where you went to preach in there school fellowships and scripture unions.

we received reports that when you where preaching to these students, your message was anti-bornagain / anti-pastors / anti-balokole and anti-biwempe churches.

And you were discouraging them to get saved/bornagain (telling them that pastors are liars)

You were sent or planted by the mainstream religious institutions to demoralize the bornagain churches and fish back their people to their mainstream churches

99.9% of your accusations are against the bornagain church

your talk is full of pastors and balokole and yet these sins are in all institutions.

I happen to know that Muwanguzi and nsubuga where arrested trying to bribe a doctor to give them a letter that proves evidence of sodomy and i happened to watch a police video when one of them is admitting the blackmail and he did it willingly thinking he will be released. and more evidence is still coming up, they are going to arrest all of them.

Your boys who cannot speak the truth infront of the judges cannot be trusted and i cant put my head there on their behalf. Jobless boys who can do anything to survive. they can spoil somebody’s name to get money, its so sad

(i can only release this video when the investigations are over)

The Kalolis you talk about, i see them on kayanjas TV preaching

who are you to give people one week to be involved in your fights with kayanja

Sodomy and Gomorrah was destroyed by fire from heaven

God is still on the throne

i highly doubt whether he sent you to do that job for him

I Conclude that you are a fake pastor, you can prove me wrong.


(am anti-homosexual)

Your comment on this post is expected


One Response to “Uganda Gay Pastors witch-hunt – Direct Letters”

  1. Sara Kim July 2, 2015 at 5:02 pm #

    Just Like Annaniah & Saphira!!! Mrs Male testified falsely in church about Kayanja`s then wife to be Jesca and said that she was a ghost he shouldn`t marry her, Now Male is also doing this!! Whats wrong with this Family?

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