Zimbabwe nightmare: ‘In limbo for my type of love’

8 Jul

It is worth reading


Erasing 76 Crime blog’s special correspondent in Zimbabwe checks in with Lionel Girezha, who since October 2011 has been awaiting trial on sodomy charges.

The Lionel Girezha story: ‘In limbo for my type of love’

He walks with a sturdy strut. Oblivious that this cold winter afternoon thrusts its  devilish chill onto his skin, much of it bare. He cannot afford a jersey to warm himself. In fact, he can afford precious little. It has been nearly two years since he was declared persona non grata in his own country and blacklisted by several employers.

Those who sympathise with him are not brave enough to offer him a job that will put food on his lap. The food can never be on his table. He doesn’t own a table.

The grey clouds on this winter’s day seem to epitomise his life — a gloomy existence.

Ever since Lionel Girezha was…

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