Christian believer; Geoffrey Joseph comments on gay issue

10 Aug
By Geoffrey Joseph O Amah

“He that made them, made them male and female”. On the strength of this scripture, I declared that no man or woman is born gay! Gay ‘orientation’is a spiritual influence caused by fallen angel spirits that operated right from the time of Noah that lead to the flood, and the time of Lot that lead to the supernatural burning of Sodom and Gomorra.
The operation of these spirits heads up to God’s fierce anger and judgement of the polluted earth and its inhabitants. The spirits aim at pulling down God’s judgement and God would have no option but to act. 
The great deceit is that these spirits prophesied of in 2Timothy 3 make people think that they were made so by nature, whereas it’s a depraved perversion of the natural affection God put in human being to promote procreation. 

Another fact is that, like any other evil spirit, they can attempt influencing anyone, including you and I. Yet unless a human yields by choice and decision, the fellow cannot be possessed. But once they yield, they are possessed by these spirit, actually having the feelings they profess to have. That is why you see apparently very sincere people in it. It can catch any christian that lives in secret sins, once they receive a reprobate mind.

They need to be treated with compassion, pity and patience, trying to unwind their twisted minds, AND NOT with hate, abuse, and stigmatisation. 

I am not advocating a world without gays, but rather telling Christians, “save yourselves from this perverted generation, because God will soon judge the thing”.
Don’t discriminate against those who chose to live that way if you try to help them out and they reject the truth, choosing rather to take Satan’s lie about their natural makeup. Treat them no worse than the scriptures says, else you become a transgressor. No sin is greater than the other. He that says, ‘don’t do one’ , also says, ‘don’t do the other!’ Every unrighteousness is sin.

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