‘A new low by Cameroon’s government’

27 Sep



The comments by the official state representative toward the late Eric Lembembe, who is no longer with us to defend himself against such vitriol, represent a new low by Cameroon’s government.

— Neela Ghoshal, senior researcher on LGBT rights for Human Rights Watch:

Human Rights Watch this week criticized the government of Cameroon for lies, lack of common sense, inhumanity, and inaction in the face of homophobic violence.

The message that Cameroonian regime sends by rejecting human rights recommendations is that “LGBTI people can be killed with impunity in Cameroon,” Human Rights Watch said.

These are excerpts from the HRW statement:

Cameroon: Official Blames Activist for His Own Murder

Geneva, September 25, 2013) – Cameroon’s ambassador to Geneva, Anatole Nkou, told the United Nations Human Rights Council on September 20, 2013, that a murdered human rights defender was killed because of his “personal life,” Human Rights Watch said today.


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