Lesbian asylum seeker to be deported to Uganda

10 Apr


Anne Nassozi fled Uganda in December 2013, two months before the country passed an anti-gay law, and was detained in a UK immigration centre following a failed bid for asylum. 

The Save Anne campaign said Nassozi faces greater danger returning to her country and would be prone to violence. If convicted under Uganda’s anti-gay law, she could possibly face a long jail term. 


Activists used the #SaveAnne to voice their concerns over Nassozi’s asylum case.


I am acting on Anne’s behalf as her advocate, and started this petition to protect her life.

Anne is gay, and lets out property to other gay women in her village. In December 2013 she fled violent persecution in Uganda to seek asylum in the UK.

The Ugandan 2014 Anti-Homosexuality Act was signed into Law in February this year. Gay people in Uganda face life imprisonment for homosexuality, and many of Anne’s tenants who did not escape the violent mob which pursued them were beaten and killed.

Anne faces certain danger if she is forced to return to Uganda.

Anne is due to be deported to Uganda this Wednesday – 9th April.

Theresa May must URGENTLY lobby the Home Office to immediately retract Anne’s removal directions, as a concerted step towards making good on her promise to address failures in the asylum process for LGBTQ seekers.

Visit www.saveanne.com to listen to an interview conducted with her via phone, from Yarl’s Wood IRC, and for more information on Anne’s case.


Draft petition reads;

Rt Hon Theresa May MP, House of Commons 
Jenny Sharkey, Secretary to Rt Hon Theresa May MP 
Anne was forced to flee her village because she has relationships with women, and rented properties to other lesbians. On 21st March she received removal directions for her deportation to Uganda. Her deportation is scheduled for Wednesday 9th April. Anne will face certain danger if she is returned to Uganda. Anne’s case is the first documented scenario where a landlord letting property to gay tenants has been violently persecuted, since the passing of Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law last month. It is an extremely concerning indicator of the consequences of passing this Law; consequences which can only be expected to accelerate in severity if appropriate support and protection is not afforded to those at risk. The wider ramifications of Anne’s imminent deportation, and consequent danger to her life must not be ignored. The harm certain to befall Anne on her return to Uganda will act as a direct deterrent to landlords currently providing housing for gay people in the country. 

I urge you to immediately retract Anne’s removal directions to Uganda.

[Your name]


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