22 Apr

A New Crime in Uganda

Melanie Nathan’s blog:

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 2.31.02 PMThe Ugandan pastor who promoted and held the huge 10,000 people anti-gay rally celebrating the Anti-Homosexuality Act after it was signed into law, is now being accused of promotion of homosexuality – a crime in Uganda.

The only problem with the accusation leveled against Ugandan Pastor Martin Ssempa is the fact that most of his so called ‘promotion’ of homosexuality occurred before the new law was made official in the Ugandan gazette on March 10, 2014.

However the good news that comes out of this – if any such good news can be established from the onerous Anti-Gay laws of Uganda, is that as much as the laws were designed to shut up the LGBTI human rights defenders, and anyone providing much needed services, they will now also serve to shut up their critics and the anti-gay haters such as Ssempa.

The less we hear about how Martin Ssempa perceives homosexuality with his phoney disgusting and graphic depictions, the better off all gays around the world will be. And if Mr Pooppoo Ssempa ever utters a word about anal sex , sodomy, lesbianism or as they term is “gayism” again, we have no doubt there will be a knock on his door from the M7 police patrol.

So the one bit of good that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill has done is to shut the likes of the depraved Ssempa up!

While we cannot agree with the notion that there is even such a thing as “promotion of homosexuality” – we certainly agree that Ssempa has laid his own trap through his promotion of the promotion clause in the Act. … I know confusing.

We do however assert that Ssempa should be brought to justice for his own crimes against humanity, through his ongoing persecution of LGBTI Ugandans.

And by the way I made the prediction that Ssempa could be toast under the Ugandan new law many months ago – and now it seems his own anti-gay people of Uganda are turning on him as well as can be seen from this article below;



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