Anti-gay Ugandan tactic: Abusive, worthless anal exam

14 May

Jackson Mukasa, left, and Kim Mukisa (AP photo courtesy of The Guardian)

The defense team for two Ugandans charged with homosexual activity is preparing to counter any evidence produced by the prosecution from an anal exam that was conducted on one of the defendants.

Anal exams are used against LGBT people in Africa and the Middle East by officials who hope the tests will produce evidence of same-sex intercourse.  Activists oppose anal exams as both unreliable and abusive or even a form of torture.

Defendants Kim Mukisa, 24, a gay man, and Jackson Mukasa, 19, a transgender woman, face the possibility of a life sentence if convicted in a trial scheduled to begin in Kampala on June 12.

Adrian Jjuuko, executive director of the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum – Uganda (HRAPF), which arranged for the legal representation for Mukisa and Mukasa, said:

“The state will most probably rely on character evidence and use the results of an anal exam which was done on one of the accused persons. The defence team has access to all the police statements, and is ready to challenge the charge, and the evidence if the matter comes to trial.”




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