Author of Uganda, the hunting grounds against gays on the run

31 May





East Africa-based renown world Pop singer, Vasco Dada, who turned into book writing as a way of promoting his activism to protect the rights of sexual minorities in Uganda, remains in hiding.
The gay rights activist, and author of ‘Uganda, the hunting grounds against gays’, Vasco, 37, a father of three kids still on the run.
Fearing the long arm of the autocratic rule in Uganda, Vasco together with his co-author, Pastor Roscoe remain into hiding in a neighbouring country. According to sources, plans were hatched by security agents to arrest and charge the duo with what Uganda authorities refer to as “promotion of homosexuality”.
Early this year, Uganda signed enacted the Anti-Homosexual law to fish out or lock-out all the sexual minority in the country.
An engineer by profession, Vasco is a co-author of “Uganda, the hunting grounds against gays” a book now selling on and 

Signing the anti-homosexuality law President Yoweri Museveni, literary he gave permission to a conservative society to exercise extreme and violent homophobia culture against the sexual minorities in Uganda.
As a singer, Vasco has been advocating and defended the rights of minorities a situation, which landed him in jail. He was accused of inciting an uprising.
During the discussion of the merit and demerits of the law [anti-homosexuality] against Uganda gays and lesbian, was formulated, everyone had expected Vasco to support the evangelical pastors in their endeavour to get rid of homosexuals.
Despite of threat by state agents, Vasco together with his team assumed the role of documenting the first hand information concerning the plight of Ugandan gays in the wake of the draconian anti-gay laws.
Vasco together with Pastor Roscoe, Elvis, and Ephraim had embarked on the hardest task in a highly conservative society, to fight for and on behalf of Ugandan gays.

The group claims, they had only documented gross human rights abuses against gay people in Uganda.


The Book; Uganda – the Hunting-Grounds Against Gays;



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