Ugandan film focuses on fatal effects of anti-gay media

18 Apr

Uganda LGBTi news!


Poster for "Outed" Poster for “Outed”

Ugandan film director Hassan Kamoga, also known as Miracle, has created a drama about LGBT people who are killed after newspapers label them publicly as gay, as happened by activist David Kato in 2011.

The movie, titled simply “Outed,” was greeted warmly at its Ugandan premiere in February, Kuchu Times reported.

Kamoga explained that the fictional story was based on actual events in Uganda.  The main character, Vida, is killed by a mob after his face appears in a list of outed homosexuals in a local tabloid. The mob’s reason for its action: to send a message that in African culture homosexuality is a curse.

Kuchu Times said many in the audience were touched by the film because they have faced similar experiences after being outed — being attacked by mobs, evicted by landlords, disowned by families, fired from jobs, expelled from school, and rejected by…

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