Ugandan LGBTI solidarity celebration coming May 16

26 Apr

Uganda, The second annual LGBTQ and sex worker pride celebration.


Beach scene at Kuchus' Day Out in Uganda. (Photo courtesy of Facebook) Uganda beach scene at the Kuchus’ Day Out celebration of June 2014. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

LGBTI and sex worker activists in Uganda are preparing for a celebration of solidarity, with an emphasis on developing self-sufficiency in their community.

The local Youth on Rock Foundation is organizing the event in conjunction with the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) on May 16.

Organizer Frank Kamya (Kamya Francis Mwanje / Kanobana Mwanje Franco) labels this event the second annual LGBTQ and sex worker pride celebration, following last year’s Kuchus’ Day Out. It is in addition to the Ugandan pride celebrations that the country’s LGBTI community has held for the past three summers.

The theme for the day is Solidarity and Togetherness: Our Identify.  Planned activities on May 16 include:

  • Handicraft and visual art exhibitions.
  • IDAHOT celebrations.
  • Games such as swimming, soccer, net ball, chess, cards, ludo, etc., with prizes.
  • Entertainment…

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