Safe houses for the LGBTi Ugandans in Kenya

27 Apr

Over 300 asylum seekers in Kenya who allegedly fled the homophobia and persecution in Uganda are still faced with physical and mental torture as fellow asylum seekers in Kenyan refugee camps turns more hostile. LGBTi asylum seekers cannot easily integrate in to this homophobic society where bullying, harassment and arrests by security agents are already at the increase.
Fr. Musaala

Rev. Fr. Musaala (photo credits to facebook)

Ark Commune, an organization dedicated to supporting LGBTI migrants in their quest for a decent life and for freedom and justice had started with safe houses for the LGBTi Ugandans. According to the Founder, Rev. Father Anthony Musaala, a Ugandan suspended priest now fighting for the safety of Ugandan asylum seekers in Kenya, the ArkCommunes will be the safest place where sexual minorities can live without harassment while in the process.

“Already a group of 45 members live together in our two separate communal houses with agreed rules, a daily schedule and elected leaders” Fr. Anthony Musaala.

Visit the arkcommune page here.


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