12 May


When Kenya National Human Rights Commission and a section of non-governmental organisations came out guns blazing and demanded William Ruto apologises to the gay community for saying Kenya has no room for gays and lesbians, many were left wondering whether they were hearing right. Others wondered whether they were still in Kenya or in the Godless America or Europe.
Addressing a press conference, KNHRC executive director Atsango Chesoni said Ruto’s remarks during a church service are homophobic and put the lives of gays and lesbians in the country in danger.
Chesoni, daughter of the late Chief Justice Zacheus Chesoni further said Kenyans are equal in the eyes of the law despite their sexual orientation and also faulted the formation of an anti-gay caucus in parliament.
To her, Ruto’s sentiments portray Kenya as, hear this, a pariah state because other countries in Asia and Europe have accepted the culture.
“The lives of gays are at risks and he DP should do a honourable thing of apologising because not all Kenyans hate gays and lesbians,” Chesoni twanged. Chesoni also lauded the High Court ruling that allowed gays and lesbians to form andregister a union. Chesoni is not married


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