I believe i am gay

3 Jun

Peterson Ssendi

Thursday, June 4th, 2015 in Amsterdam’s Oude Lutheran Church , the photo project entitled “I Believe I am gay” together with the Biblical Museum and COC in The Netherlands will introduce the first of its kind debate coded; “The Riek Stienstra Lecture 2015“, which will be presided over by top experts and authors together with popular LGBT activists. An open discussion about the challenges faced by the religious gay community will follow. This debate will tackle issues and queries surrounding the compatibility of homosexuality and religion.

Picture credits to google images

Credits to google images

Dr. David J. Bos, a popular academician, expert in religions, a sociologists and historian will lead the panel of speakers and is anticipated to prove the compatibility of homosexuality and religion. Apart from Dr. David conducting another study on religion and homosexuality he is also known for his publications on acceptance of homosexuality among Moroccan and Dutch Protestants.

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According to a written statement from the organizers of this upcoming lecture, Imaam Ludovic Mohamed Zahed will emphasize among others homosexuality in Islam. He is popularly known for being Europe’s first openly gay Imaam. He is also a very influential LGBT activist. According to the documents available on internet, this Imaam is often quoted as preaching a need for Islam to adopt the values from the West in relation to gender equality.

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