Hungary suspends Dublin Regulation – ECRE

17 Jul


Eurodac database fingureprints, picture credits to ECRE

The Office of Immigration and Nationality (OIN) informed the Dublin Units of EU Member States through the ‘DubliNet’ network that Hungary is suspending the acceptance of asylum seekers transferred back from other countries under the Dublin Regulation for an indefinite term. The press release of the Prime Minister’s office reads:

“Hungary’s asylum system is over-burdened, with the largest workload from among the Member States of the EU affected by illegal migration. Hungary is taking a share in the management of the situation caused by illegal migration beyond its means.”

Hungary’s suspension of its obligations under the Dublin Regulation comes only days after the government’s controversial announcement of plans to build a fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border to prevent further arrivals into the country. As the OIN states, out of the 60,620 persons apprehended for irregular entry in 2015, over 99% entered Hungary through Serbia. Asylum seekers applying in Hungary mainly originate from Kosovo, Syria and Afghanistan.

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