8 Oct


Joel Luliko Wakayimba, lead petitioner

Joel Luliko Wakayimba, lead petitioner

Mr. Yoweri Museveni (president of Uganda) and his govt hate, persecute and imprison minority groups like the LGBTs and others denying them the fundamental right to live their lives. Holy Father Pope Francis, you are such a towering world figure whose visit ought to be for those countries that have tangibly demonstrated that their national socio-economic and political program reflects the aspirations of the majority of the masses. That is not the case in Uganda.

Holy Father,  we are worried that your visit will increase the pain of the York of poverty in the country. Already the political leaders are have earmarked Ugandan shillings 28,000,000,000 for buying flowers only for one of the places you will visit. Another 280 billion is intended for logistical issues not including security expenses.

Holy Father, we kindly solemnly urge you to reconsider this visit so that your very well intended mission to share the message of Christ is not turned into legitimization of Uganda’s dictatorship.https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/POPE_FRANCIS_POSTPONE_THE_VISIT_TO_UGANDA_UNTIL_POLITICALELECTORAL_REFORMS_ARE_DONE/?eQyFNjb


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