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De Maaslaan; het concreet actieplan

19 Nov

Boomwortels in de Maaslaan. Afbeelding: google


De Maaslaan in Brouwhuis is dringend aan vervanging toe. De weg is zwaar beschadigd door onder o.a. de wortels van de bomen.

De Maaslaan heeft ook geen fietspad en geen parkeerruimtes. Waardoor gevaarlijke situaties ontstaan. Dit was aanleiding voor de bewoners om contact op te nemen met de gemeente, waarna een plan is opgesteld voor de herinrichting.

Door middel van workshops geeft de gemeente de bewoners van de Maaslaan in de gelegenheid gesteld samen een concrete stappenplan te bespreken en uit te werken. Dit stappenplan bestaat uit drie fases.

John van den Berg is senior technisch medewerker en lid van het coördinatieteam. “Vandaag laten we de inwoners ons inrichtingsplan voor de Maaslaan zien. Ook vragen wij iedereen hun bijzondere ideeën aangaande het Maaslaan project kenbaar te maken”, zei hij tijdens een van de bijeenkomsten.

Volgens John kunnen hij en zijn team na afloop van de bijeenkomst zien of de wensen en ideeën van de bewoners ingepast kunnen worden. Tijdens de laatste bijeenkomst laat het coördinerend team het volledige definitieve stappenplan zien.

Door middel van dit overlegproces heeft de gemeentelijke afdeling Beheer Openbaar Ruimte al een  standaard werkwijze opgesteld. De werkzaamheden zullen vanaf april 2017 zes maanden in beslag gaan nemen. In het najaar van 2017 zal de herinrichting van de Maaslaan worden afgerond met het planten van bomen, aldus, de informatie door het team van de afdeling Beheer Openbaar Ruimte.



Gay Muslim and Jew couple kissing – Madona

22 May

Gaystar News

instagram gay muslim and jew couple kissing

Madonna has caused a commotion once again on Instagram.

This time, she posted a picture of a Jewish man about to kiss a Muslim man. She captioned it with an emoji and the hashtag #rebelhearts.

Fans argued the singing superstar was triggering people of faith, knowing they would be upset by the picture. Others said it was a positive message and should be celebrated.

‘Islam doesn’t support homosexuality and if someone doesn’t like that then they don’t have to be Muslim. Its that’s simple,’ one said.

But others argued: ‘This is beautiful. Love should never be forbidden!!’

And another added: ‘I don’t understand all the ppl here say it’s not possible I’m Jewish from Israel my boyfriend is Arab Muslim and we live together for 3 years now!’

This isn’t the first time Madonna has connected homosexuality and the conflict between Jews and Muslims.

During her Confessions tour, she had two male shirtless dancers on stage during Forbidden Love. One was painted with a Muslim star and crescent on his chest and the other had a Star of David. While they appear to ‘fight’ throughout the song, they embrace at the end.

– See more at: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/madonna-posts-instagram-gay-muslim-and-jew-couple-kissing-and-now-people-are-going-insane180#sthash.FkWGXWkF.dpuf

Corrective rapes of lesbians in Uganda

15 May


Tonight on HBO’s investigative docu-show VICE, reporter Isobel Yeung travels to Uganda to highlight the horrific homophobia that has raged in the last several years, inspiring the Kill the Gays Bill that was prop0sed in 2014. What Isobel finds is that the churches and schools are not only lying to kids and adults alike about the “evils” that come along with homosexuality, but that American missionaries and politicians are part of the problem.

“A Prayer for Uganda” highlights the teachings of people like Pastor George Oduch, a Christian Fundamentalist who has taken his lead from anti-gay American Pastor Scott Lively. They attempt to educate Ugandans about how there’s “no difference between a terrorist and a homosexual,” and that homosexuality is just like pedophilia.

We see that young children are taught that a man who is with a man or a woman with a woman will be punished by the “10 different cancers that attack only homosexuals.” Plays are performed with a female student pretending to be a lesbian who pays her female classmate to have sex with her. It ends with her cradling her stomach in the fetal position on the ground crying, “I can never produce!”

“If a woman gets homosexuality with another woman, she cannot give birth,” a young girl tells Isobel.

The young Ugandans repeat what they are lectured in school and in church, but also in their communities, as the adults are even worse. In a repulsive scene, Isobel talks with a group of men about Ugandan culture.

“The first thing we hate is homosexuality,” a man tells Isobel. “If we find a woman with a woman, we pull out one and we do it to her. We have sex with her. We cannot allow a woman to have sex with a fellow woman.”

“Have you ever raped a lesbian?” Isobel asks.

“Yeah. Serious raping. Yes, because when it’s woman to woman, then it means you need real sex. And we get you a man who is seriously needing a woman and they rape you seriously. Woman and woman we rape, man and man we kill.”

Shocking details? click here; http://www.afterellen.com/tv/431517-vice-tracks-corrective-rapes-lesbians-uganda-back-united-states?utm_source=sc-twitter&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=post

New Europea migration agenda

15 May

On 13 May, the European Commission presented the new European Migration Agenda. With a shift welcomed by several NGOs, the Commission acknowledged that the “immediate imperative is the duty to protect those in need.” Among other measures, the Commission presented plans to step up search and rescue in the Mediterranean, set up a mechanism to distribute persons in clear of international protection amongst member states and an EU-wide resettlement scheme.

In order to take swift action to face the current situation in the Mediterranean, the Commission intends to triple the budget of the Frontex joint-operations Triton and Poseidon so as to restore the level of intervention previously guaranteed under the Italian Mare Nostrum Operation.

In addition, to address the overstretched reception capacity of coastal member states, the Commission aims to set up a distribution scheme “for persons in clear need of international protection to ensure a fair and balanced participation of all Member States to this common effort.” Such a scheme will be based on member states’ GDP, size of population, unemployment rate, numbers of asylum seekers and of resettled refugees already present in all member states.

With regard to resettlement, the Commission plans to establish an EU resettlement scheme to offer 20,000 places across member states, taking into account their GDP, size of population, unemployment rate, numbers of asylum seekers and of resettled refugees already present in EU member states. According to the Commission’s plan, 50 million euro would be allocated to this resettlement scheme.

UNHCR and IOM have welcomed the new approach taken by the Commission. Volker Türk, UNHCR’s Assistant High Commissioner for Protection commented: “The EU’s proposals represent a great breakthrough in terms of managing refugee flows and migration.”

NGOs welcomed in particular the decision to step up search and rescue in the Mediterranean, although, as Amnesty International has pointed out, “the Agenda fails to explicitly make clear how far the operational area of Triton will be extended to ensure that it will cover those areas in the high seas where most refugees’ and migrants’ boats get into difficulties”.

ECRE considers the Commission’s communication to be a welcome step as it refers to a number of measures that constitute a move in the right direction, such as boosting resources to save lives, increasing the number for resettlement places and measures that enhance solidarity. An EU scheme for distributing persons in need of international protection could assist to support member states receiving high numbers of asylum seekers in emergency situations. However, the Commission’s communication lacks details as regards the way in which it would operate in practice. ECRE considers that any such system should take into account family ties or other connection criteria, as well as integration prospects of persons concerned in light of the continuing differences that exist in the Asylum Systems across the EU.

“Solidarity among EU Member States in the approach is the only way that a problem of this nature can be tackled, and UNHCR is enormously pleased to see that this principle has been recognized in the proposals put forward today,” said Volker Türk. “UNHCR stands ready to provide all further help we can to Member States in making these objectives a reality.”

Some member states such as the UK, have already opposed the resettlement plan outlined by the Commission, while others countries have shown their willingness to take in more refugees and asylum seekers. “Ireland has agreed to accept an additional 300 migrants under a new EU plan to tackle the Mediterranean refugee crisis”, reported RTE.


12 May


When Kenya National Human Rights Commission and a section of non-governmental organisations came out guns blazing and demanded William Ruto apologises to the gay community for saying Kenya has no room for gays and lesbians, many were left wondering whether they were hearing right. Others wondered whether they were still in Kenya or in the Godless America or Europe.
Addressing a press conference, KNHRC executive director Atsango Chesoni said Ruto’s remarks during a church service are homophobic and put the lives of gays and lesbians in the country in danger.
Chesoni, daughter of the late Chief Justice Zacheus Chesoni further said Kenyans are equal in the eyes of the law despite their sexual orientation and also faulted the formation of an anti-gay caucus in parliament.
To her, Ruto’s sentiments portray Kenya as, hear this, a pariah state because other countries in Asia and Europe have accepted the culture.
“The lives of gays are at risks and he DP should do a honourable thing of apologising because not all Kenyans hate gays and lesbians,” Chesoni twanged. Chesoni also lauded the High Court ruling that allowed gays and lesbians to form andregister a union. Chesoni is not married

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